Oak Street Bootmakers Navy Suede Red Brick Sole Trail Oxford

When something good happens in Chicago my mind usually immediately jumps to Oak Street Bootmakers for my Midwest Monday post. The brand has established itself as the Chicago clothing company in my mind. Today I’ve got Chicago on my mind because Northwestern finally made it into March Madness. Good for them. That’s two curses broken in Chicago in the past year. Now maybe Mike Glennon will be the reincarnation of Sid Luckman. We can dream.

As soon as all this late to the party snow melts, the Midwestern spring will be perfect for the Navy Suede Red Brick Sole Trail Oxford. This hand-stitched oxford with moccasin construction appears a bit like a grown up boat shoe. The navy Horween suede is a nice twist (and comes from Chicago as well), while the red brick sole is distinct. The combination of suede, red brick sole and moccasin construction almost makes this a boat shoe-buck hybrid. Plus if you mix blue and red it makes purple and ties the entire Northwestern lead in together.

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