Opinel No. 8 L.L.Bean Moosehead Knife

I love a good story behind a product and that’s exactly what Opinel’s knife collaboration with L.L.Bean tells. It’s one that’s over 100 years in the making and stretches back to the time these two brands were in their infancy. It involves old trees, a Maine lake and two iconic brands on opposite sides of the Atlantic.

The No. 8 L.L.Bean Moosehead Knife may look like an ordinary pocket knife. It features a 3.25″ stainless steel blade with a virobloc safety ring to keep it closed when not in use. That blade folds into a wooden handle. And the handle is what gives this knife its story. Carved from maple trees reclaimed from the depths of Moosehead Lake, the handle of this knife has over 100 years of history. When the trees fell to the bottom of Moosehead Lake over a century ago, the oxygen-deprived atmosphere kept them perfectly preserved. Now these trees that stood in the days before either brand was born have helped bring the two together. The No. 8 L.L.Bean Moosehead Knife certainly has a history.


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