Streaker Sports Bill Raftery Onions! Tee

I got to hear the famous call this year. Butler versus Northwestern. A game that surprisingly did more to boost Butler’s resume than the Indiana game. With 0.4 seconds left, freshman Kamar Baldwin hit a jumper from the left elbow to put the Bulldogs up 70-68. Onions! Continue reading

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Hudson Sutler Sconset Wayfarer Duffel

It looks like I’ll be squeezing in a few more trips before my daughter is born in May, so luggage is top of mind. My Hudson Sutler Weekender always accompanies me on my journeys, whether it’s my carry-on or tossed in the back of the car for a road trip. Now that more and more airlines are trying to find new ways to nickel and dime us by charging for carry-ons, I’m starting to rue the day when I might just send my Weekender down below as checked luggage and pray it makes it out unscathed. When that situation does arise, I may consider adding the Sconset Wayfarer Duffel to my rotation to assuage any fears. Continue reading

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Askov Finlayson North Tee

It’s always cool to see brands I follow make appearances on television, especially when it’s the smaller brands that almost certainly aren’t paying for product placement. I was watching Andrew Zimmern explore the Upper Peninsula a couple weeks ago on Bizarre Foods when I spotted a familiar sight perched atop his head, an Askov Finlayson North Hat. It was a perfect fit, given Andrew’s connection to Askov Finlayson’s Minnesota home as well as the show’s filming location in almost the definition of the US North. Continue reading

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New Glarus Enigma

Imagine starting a brewery in 2017 and focusing primarily on easy-drinking German styles. Your flagship, no matter how rustic you make it seem by calling it a farmhouse, is a cream ale. Your hoppy offerings are limited to a pale ale that took 17 years to introduce and a double IPA. You dabble in fruited sour beers and even have a couple year round, although they’re all priced around $10 for a 750ml. Your brewery is located in the middle of the countryside, 40 minutes away from the nearest metropolis (and that metropolis is only the 84th largest in the country). And you only distribute your beer in your home state. Continue reading

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Opinel No. 8 L.L.Bean Moosehead Knife

I love a good story behind a product and that’s exactly what Opinel’s knife collaboration with L.L.Bean tells. It’s one that’s over 100 years in the making and stretches back to the time these two brands were in their infancy. It involves old trees, a Maine lake and two iconic brands on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Continue reading

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K-Way Claude 3.0

There are certain design elements that make the brand of an article of clothing unmistakable, even if no logos are present. The red sole of Christian Louboutin shoes. The “smile” on the toe of a pair of Jack Purcells. The zipper pull on a K-Way jacket. That last one might not be the most well-known, but once you see it, there’s no mistaking the K-Way Claude 3.0 for a jacket from another brand. Continue reading

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Lanona Shoe Co. Academic Boot

Despite our slight flirtation with springlike weather last week, we are still solidly in boot season here in the Midwest. Boat shoes are just going to have to wait for a few more weeks. And while the time is running out on wearing boots this year, there’s still a bit of time and it never hurts to get a jump start on next year. For either option, give the Academic Boots from Lanona Shoe Co. a look. Continue reading

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The Five Best on East Dane: Daytona $500

The Five Best on East Dane

Every couple of weeks I’ll take a look at the five best things on East Dane at the time, each time choosing a different theme. East Dane is one of the best shops on the web for clothing and accessories, compiling a wide variety of brands in one place. If you have Amazon Prime you can often take advantage of free, fast shipping as the store is tied in with the retailer. Continue reading

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Topo Designs Baseball Tee

And just like that baseball is back. Pitchers and catchers reporting and the start of spring training means warm weather isn’t too far away. But while I’m elated to enjoy a season where the Cubs are the defending world champions, I’m still stuck in the middle of basketball season. I’ll keep one eye down south for the next month, but until March Madness is finished, the Baseball Tee from Topo Designs will be my biggest point of baseball emphasis. Continue reading

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Chubbies The Piñas Locas

You’ll find that when you have a kid, you do more swimming than you have since you yourself were a kid. Nothing to do on a winter weekend? Let’s find a pool to kill some time. Hotel swimming pools become godsends on vacations. Throw in swimming lessons, summer splash pad visits and heading to the lake and you might just spend more time in swim trunks than any other piece of clothing. That’s why it’s important to have a pair you won’t mind practically living in, like the Piñas Locas from Chubbies. Continue reading

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