Grayers Stripe Double Knit Crew

I’ve mentioned previously that I’ll often receive catalogs from brands I’ve never covered nor heard of. Generally these brands at least catch my eye and must have done a little research into what I cover because they tend to be relevant and occasionally I’ll even be intrigued enough to write about one. That’s the case with Grayers, a brand that apparently has a long, rich history but had managed to stay off my radar until now. Perhaps my favorite piece in the latest catalog is the Stripe Double Knit Crew. Continue reading

Knockaround Premiums

A few weeks ago Knockaround completed a redesign of its web store. The new site is clean and easy to navigate, with plenty of filters to find just the right style and color. This was a great chance to revisit a brand I love but haven’t spent much time with lately since I’m on a fairly incredible streak of not losing or breaking my sunglasses. But next time I inevitably need some replacements, I’ll be picking up a pair of the Premiums. Continue reading

Austen Heller Peytons

After last night’s Super Bowl it seems a little disrespectful to feature a shoe called the Peyton. Brady and Manning were rivals for over a decade and perhaps the only shoe name to write about the day after that could be more awkward would be the Goodells. Most of last night’s game was a loafer (pun intended) until Kyle Shanahan checked out for San Francisco with about four minutes left and made the Seahawks look like geniuses two years ago. Continue reading