Pillbox Bat Co. Chicago Flag Bat


So this is what it feels like to still have a rooting interest in the World Series. I know my 28 years pale in comparison to the seven decades of suffering endured by some fans, but I’m certainly glad the playing in the World Series drought is over for the Cubs. Now if they can just cap off a miracle comeback. 

Now the Chicago Flag Bat from Pillbox Bat Co. won’t be making an appearance on the field, but it would sure make a heckuva trophy to celebrate a hopeful title. We’ll ignore the faux pas of the Sox hat used in some of the photos (who are these Sox?). This solid maple bat, crafted in the US and painted in Minnesota, gets its design from the Chicago city flag. It’s about as iconic as city flags come and easily recognizable. It’s going to look great on the wall beside the TV and the W flag, but don’t be afraid to take it out for a pickup game or two. November, after all, is still baseball season in Chicago this year.

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