Pillbox Bat Co. Join or Die Bat

Pillbox Bat Co. Join or Die

I’m not sure I’ve ever had this much fun to start a baseball season. Every other day it seems like the Cubs are putting together an offensive explosion. Now if I could just figure out why their games are blacked out in southwest Michigan, I’ll be set. That offense is intimidating, but I couldn’t even imagine how much more intimidating it would be with a Join or Die Bat from Pillbox Bat Co. in each player’s hands.

Just look at that thing. The “Join or Die” snake just appears to be tattooed on the bat, its eyes staring daggers right through the pitcher. Actually it’s wood-burned into the bat and then painted. The maple bat is then finished off with a yellow and black set of stripes at the top, likely pulling colors from that other famous snake symbol, the Gadsden Flag. It probably breaks about a hundred MLB rules, but the bat is game ready. So whether you take it with you to intimidate your friends in the next pick up game or hang this All-American artwork on your wall, it’s time to join the Pillbox Bat Co. movement.

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