Relwen Airtex Madras Shirt

Like so many brands these days, I discovered Relwen on Huckberry. Because Huckberry lives in just a slightly different realm than Great Lakes Prep, there are a lot of brands featured on the site that I don’t typically run across. It’s especially useful for finding Midwestern brands as the outdoor and blue-collar aesthetic that thrives on Huckberry is heavily rooted in the region.

While Relwen’s complete lineup doesn’t completely match up with the aesthetic espoused here (they do make cargo shorts, although ones where the pockets are actually meant to hold cargo), there is enough overlap to pay attention. The prime example from the Columbus-based brand is the Airtex Madras Shirt.

The Airtex Madras is everything you need in a summer shirt. It’s constructed from a superlight madras that is extremely breathable, allowing the shirt to help you stay cool during the dog days. The point collar adds a bit of formality and makes it easier to wear to the office than a button-down collar madras. The four patterns are exclusives and beautiful. The fit is slim with a tapered waist that helps the shirt fit better. And while it is pricey, Huckberry does have a solid sale going on that features the shirt right now. It’s just another gift from one of the internet’s best sites.

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