Sanborn Canoe Co. J.A. Latsch Canoe

I’ve always made a point to make sure the products I highlight are attainable to my readers. There is nothing more frustrating than the magazine pitching a $200 t-shirt. But from time to time there are some grail level finds that, while pricey, are at least something to aspire to. This is one of those times.

Sanborn Canoe Co. got its start when its founders built a cedar strip canoe in 2009 and painted it in a nontraditional design. It only makes sense now that eight years later the company is finally crafting canoes again to pair with its signature paddles. Carbon-fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass, cherry and ash all go into the construction of the canoe. A gel-coat finish gives the canoe the look of the original.

The J.A. Latsch is one of four different models. This is the roomiest and the easiest for inexperienced paddlers to use. That’s key because if you’re dropping several thousand on a canoe, you better make sure you’re not the only one that can use it. (Plus by the point you can justify that purchase, chances are you’ll have a couple kids that will want to use it as well.) I know that 99.9% of my readers aren’t currently in the market for a canoe of this magnitude, but maybe we’ll all get to a point where it becomes more than just a dream.

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