Saturday Sip: Capital Supper Club Lager

Capital Supper Club Pale Lager Beer

In a world of robust imperial stouts and gigantic double IPAs, sometimes all you really need is an easy-drinking pale lager. The style’s never going to win any claims to best beer ever when slotted up against those other styles but when it’s 90 degrees and the humidity makes it feel like a rainforest it might just win best beer for the situation. Just because you want something light and drinkable doesn’t mean you’re confined to the tasteless world of macrolagers. Capital Brewery, located just outside of Madison, Wisconsin, makes sure of that with its Supper Club Lager.

The beer is a throwback to the days when Wisconsin was dotted with regional breweries churning out their own classic lagers. The clear golden brew pours with a white head that emits a surprisingly potent grainy malt aroma. The aroma isn’t sweet, rather it skews towards toasted and brings to mind unpopped popcorn. The lager drinks easy with a definite cleanness of flavor and a slightly sweet malt character not dissimilar from a macrobrew. The differences between the craft pale lager and the standard Bud/Miller/Coors are readily apparent in the slightly spicy hop character and a much greater depth of flavor. This is not a beer that’s going to overwhelm your palate and that’s what makes it so perfect for the summer.

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