Saturday Sip: Cinco de Mayo, Michigan Style

Michigan Cinco De Mayo

This Cinco de Mayo I decided to add a Michigan twist to my beer consumption for the day. Three Hispanic-inspired beers from a couple of Michigan breweries, each with the common thread of lime. This is the way to celebrate if you’re tired of flavorless Mexican macros but still want to keep on theme.

Ocho de Mayo from Short’s is a gose with lemon, lime and agave nectar added. The lemon and the lime serve to enhance the subtle tartness already present from the lactobacillus in the beer. The agave nectar adds a touch of sweetness but this is a dry, refreshing beer that goes down easily and has the low alcohol percentage (4%) to keep is sessionable all day long. The minerality from the salt only serves to complement that.

Havanna Lima from Odd Side Ales adds habanero and lime to a base ale. The lime comes across as very key lime pie like and there’s almost a hint of marshmallow sweetness. The pepper packs a punch on the finish, with a fruity, spicy zing. Certainly the most unbeerlike of the three.

Cerveza de Julie from Short’s rounds it out by taking the tradition of adding a lime to a Mexican lager and weaving it into the beer. The taste is pretty close, a bready lager with a lime tartness. And either I’m just imagining it and adding typical flavor notes to the beer or they actually managed to get just the slightest hint of skunked flavor into the beer. Not nearly as strong as a beer in a clear bottle but there’s just a taste that seems just right for the style.

Next time you celebrate Cinco de Mayo, or any holiday that calls for themed drinking, consider adding an American craft twist to it.

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