Saturday Sip: Great Lakes Brewing Eliot Ness

Great Lakes Eliot Ness Amber Lager Beer Flyover Press Ohio

If you’re just getting into the craft beer game, you might be wondering what the best beers are to ease your transition. You’ll want to avoid the hop bombs for now and drink something you’re more familiar with. Lagers are a good place to start, but just because you’re drinking a lager doesn’t mean you’ll be sacrificing on taste. The best lagers have just as much flavor as the hoppiest IPAs and the year-aged bourbon barrel stouts, which makes them good drinking for the craft beer rookie and veteran alike. Without a doubt, one of the best lagers out there is Eliot Ness by Great Lakes Brewing.

A malty amber lager, the beer blazes copper red like the burning Cuyahoga and smells like the first steps inside a brewery, malty and pungent. The beer draws its name from the former Cleveland Safety Director who frequented the tavern the current brewpub was built in. Lose whatever preconceived notions you have of lagers, this one’s bursting with flavor. Not hoppy like an IPA, although there’s a hint in there, but malt driven with bread and biscuit notes and undertones of sweet caramel. This is beer in its purest form, adhering to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516 and consisting of only barley, hops, yeast and water. It’s a gateway for those new to craft brews or a refreshing change of pace from the hop bombs and imperial stouts of the seasoned vets and the flavor profile is ideal for fall.

Pairs well with… Falling leaves, hearty breads, confronting the mob, Flyover Press Ohio Print

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