Saturday Sip: Solemn Oath Snaggletooth Bandana

Solemn Oath Snaggle Tooth Bandana

The front step in my garage has become one of my most frequent drinking locations. When I get home from work, most days I go out for a run and I often take Charlotte in her jogging stroller. She’s in a phase of trying to transition from two naps a day to one, but because she skips her afternoon nap at her regular time, she often falls asleep in the stroller. There’s no way to get her back in the house without waking her up, so most days I sit out on the step, grab a beer and kill time for the next half hour. It was during one of these sessions that I got my first taste of Solemn Oath Snaggletooth Bandana.

Snaggletooth Bandana is the Naperville brewery’s American IPA bursting with massive citrus and tropical fruit hop aromas and flavors. It’s also one of the brewery’s core canned beers, a move that makes it easily transportable. Like many Midwest IPAs, Snaggletooth isn’t completely one-sided in favor of the hops. A touch of malt sweetness still cuts through. It’s certainly bitter and dry, but not quite to the extent of a San Diego IPA. Grapefruit, mango and pineapple rise from it, even when it’s being consumed from the can. It’s a bit of a departure from the brewery’s often Belgian-inspired beers, but it stands up to any challenger from more American-driven breweries. It’s a beer that makes me look forward to spending more time on the garage step.


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