Saturday Sip: Sun King GFJ

Sun King GFJ Grapefruit Jungle

This can is cursed. Not the beer in general but this specific can. I wanted to introduce this beer with a story about how it was the first beer to make me realize that hops could taste like grapefruit. How I was bummed to be in Indy in June and find out I was leaving just a few days before the Sun King 7th Anniversary Party and the release of GFJ. How, in a strange departure from typically having singles in my fridge, I had a whole 4-pack of this and several other beers in 4 and 6 and 12 packs. But I can’t go into all that because this damn can is cursed.

It all started when I opened it, took a few sips and then set it down to move the wooden background I use for photos outside. As I was reaching for the camera, my hand brushed the can, sending it toppling over. Beer cascaded out onto the counter and the carpet. Quick reflexes saved about a third of the can, but not before Wrigley had dutifully walked over to lick up the remnants from the floor.

Fazed but undeterred I took the beer outside to try to salvage what was left. A pour into a glass revealed the damage done. Still there was enough to get a couple of photos and then drink the rest. I snapped off a few, but as I was adjusting the camera settings, a random gust of wind blew by. But since this can is cursed, that gust was enough to blow the wooden background over, straight onto my head and into the glass. Beer poured out everywhere, my head throbbed and only by a miracle was no glass broken or concussion induced. But now my patio table smelled like grapefruit and I had no beer left to drink. Cursed.

Luckily I did have a few sips before all this started and I still have the rest of the 4-pack in my fridge. GFJ is packed with grapefruit aromas and flavor, hence its full name, Grapefruit Jungle. There’s plenty of other tropical fruit and citrus hops to complement the grapefruit and in true Midwest fashion there’s a touch of caramel malt sweetness in the body. Do not be scared off by my harrowing tale. If you happen to spot a random 4-pack that made it into distribution, snatch it up. Chances are that even if one can is cursed, you’ll still have three other delicious ones to enjoy.

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