Smathers & Branson NHL Needlepoint Belts

Smathers & Branson Chicago Blackhawks Needlepoint Belt

Cubs win! Cubs win! For the first time in a long time I actually care about the MLB playoffs. And with the Cubs still playing October baseball, this time of the year is chock full of sports. College football, NFL, Premier League. The NBA regular season kicks off in two weeks and college basketball will follow two weeks after that. And chances are you haven’t noticed with all the rest going on, but the NHL regular season started up last week. For those of you without a team in the hunt for the World Series or the College Football Playoff, it’s time to turn your attention to the ice.

If hockey sweaters are the best-looking uniforms, does that make hockey needlepoint belts the best looking belts? Smathers & Branson makes a strong case for that with its line of NHL Needlepoint Belts. The collection encompasses half of the 30 teams in the league. None of the Canadian teams have belts, which leaves about two-thirds of the American teams covered. If you live east of the Mississippi and not in Florida you’re pretty much covered (notable exceptions are Columbus and Nashville (?)).

The logos are stitched on full-grain chestnut-colored leather and finished with brass buckles. Most teams are represented with their primary logo, although Chicago, both New York teams and Pittsburgh have slight tweaks. And if it’s not quite time to turn to the ice yet, Smathers & Branson also has you covered with college and MLB belts. Enjoy this sports-filled time while it lasts because soon enough there will only be one game to choose from.

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