Southern Proper Flags Madras Swim Trunks

Southern Proper Flags Madras Swim Trunk

The big announcement from Southern Proper on Monday was that the brand is fully committing to a women’s side. Awesome for the ladies but fairly irrelevant here since I gave up trying to cover that side of things years ago. Luckily the guys got a dose of new too, with parts of Southern Proper’s spring collection leaking out, like the Flags Madras Swim Trunks.

The Flags Madras Swim Trunks arrived just in time for spring break and vacations to warmer destinations. These are trunks with a polyester mesh liner and velcro drain pocket. The trunks come in red or hydrangea and are adorned with a signal flag “madras” pattern. The inseam appears to be in the 7″ range, which is pretty spot on for all guys.

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