Southern Proper Goal Line Shirt

It’s fun to watch brands grow up and adapt to their customer bases. Many of the brands that popped up half a decade or so ago have been trying to figure out how to stay relevant with a maturing customer. Those initial customers are no longer in college and have entered a new stage in life. Most brands haven’t done well to adapt, but a few have and they are the ones still around. Southern Proper has figured out how to walk that fine line between attracting new younger customers while also growing with those who were there at the start. The newest iterations of the Goal Line Shirt are the perfect example of that.

It used to be that every piece of Southern Proper clothing had the bow-tied lab logo front and center. And while that generally appeals to a younger crowd, it doesn’t hold much cache and seems a bit out of place beyond college. The Goal Line Shirt still features the logo, but it’s tucked in an inconspicuous place, the bottom of the shirt placket. That’s a spot that’s going to be tucked in and out of view most of the time, making this shirt suitable for the office. And when it is untucked, the tonal logo blends in with the rest of the shirt and doesn’t stick out. The Goal Line Shirt (not to be confused with the prominently-logoed The Goal Line) comes in six color combinations and in a variety of checked patterns. It’s as perfect for the mature Southern Proper fan as it is for younger customers with an eye on the future.

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