Southern Proper Single Stripe Bar Bow Tie

It’s been far too long since I’ve done a Bow Tie Friday post. To be completely honest, I don’t wear bow ties nearly as often as I used to. Even at church, where I almost always wore one every weekend a couple years back, I haven’t worn as many. Part of that has to do with the colder weather and a proclivity towards sweaters. Another is the fact that I now have an 18-month-old who makes getting ready in the morning an adventure and half the time I’m lucky to just assemble a matching shirt and pants before getting out the door. Perhaps that will change this year and I’ll keep up with the bow tie posts and wear more as well. And if I do, I have a feeling I’ll be putting more emphasis on the classics, the ones with simple stripes or plaids, like the Single Stripe Bar Bow Tie from Southern Proper.

Somehow the Single Stripe Bar Bow makes cotton work in the winter. Even though I’ve never been a hard and fast adherent to the no cotton bow ties in the winter rule, I do find myself opting for bows with a bit more texture when the snow comes. By blending the cotton with linen, the bow tie ends up with a bit more texture that allows it to stand up to the bleak cold. The single navy stripe across a red background couldn’t be more classic. This is a simple, timeless piece that has a place in every closet.

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