Stock Mfg. Co. Austin Herringbone Plaid Shirt

The Cubs took the field for their first real game last night, which means it is officially spring in Chicago. While that doesn’t guarantee great weather (give it a month), it does mean we need to start planning to work more lightweight, cooler materials into our wardrobes. A good place to start is the Austin Herringbone Plaid Shirt from Chicago’s own Stock Mfg. Co.

Stock crafts its Austin Herringbone Plaid from a specially-sourced 3 oz. Japanese herringbone 99/1 cotton/poly blend. That 3 oz. fabric is especially lightweight, making this shirt an ideal one for when the temperatures warm up. The plaid reminds me of a spring version of blackwatch, brightening up the colors while standing out from the many pastels that will be appearing. It’s a color combination that can work throughout the year, given that you layer up when it gets too cold to wear such lightweight fabric comfortably on its own. And honestly that will be the case here and there for a bit, but that first crack of that bat means we’re that much closer to hot, sweaty days in the bleachers.

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