Streaker Sports 1994 USA Soccer Jersey

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but tonight is a ridiculously important night for US soccer. Anything short of a win tonight makes qualifying for next year’s World Cup that much more in doubt. A win is not a must, but it would be a welcome relief. 

In the spirit of tonight’s game, I present to you the 1994 USA Soccer Jersey from Streaker Sports. I don’t know if these are great or so awful they’re great, but I dig them. An acid-washed jean motif? Nothing could be more early 90s. Even better is that the number on the back is 22, aka Alexi Lalas. It’s too late to get one of these in time for tonight’s game (the potential clincher Tuesday against Trinidad & Tobago could still be in play), but hopefully this immaculate jersey isn’t the only one channeling Lalas tonight.

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