Streaker Sports Bombay Waves Jersey Tee

Since I started the week off with some love for Minnesota, I’ll keep it going with today’s pick. The Mighty Ducks was easily a top ten movie of my youth. And I thought D2 was an absolute classic. But while the Ducks, the Hawks, Team USA and Iceland are the main teams everyone remembers, we can’t forget Gordon Bombay’s short-lived comeback attempt with the minor league Minnesota Waves. It certainly doesn’t look like Streaker Sports forgot. 

In addition to some currently sold out shorts modeled after those worn by the Ducks in the first movie, Streaker Sports kept the nostalgia flowing with a t-shirt modeled off of Bombay’s Waves jersey. The Bombay Waves Jersey Tee is made from highly combed ring spun cotton and has the look and feel of a t-shirt that was released back in 1994. And it will only keep getting softer. Let’s hope it sticks around longer than Bombay’s career.

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