Streaker Sports x Hudson Hockey Co. “Miracle” Goalie Stick

Streaker Sports x Hudson Hockey Co Miracle Goalie Stick

Miracle on Ice goalie Jim Craig just put up in an auction a collection of memorabilia from his gold medal Olympic run. The asking price is a cool $5.7 million and the collection includes his goalie stick, worth roughly $300,000. If you happen to have that amount of cash on hand, that’s a pretty solid score. For the rest of us we’ll have to settle for the next best thing, the Streaker Sports x Hudson Hockey Co. “Miracle” Goalie Stick.

The Streaker Sports relaunch brought about a section dubbed The Cage. The Cage partners Streaker Sports up with other makers to create limited edition, one-of-a-kind collaborations. Hudson Hockey Co. captured the spirit of the 1980 Olympic hockey team’s sweaters with its custom paint job on its old school wooden goalie stick. The stick itself is carved in Canada and then hand painted in New York City. Save that $5.7 million for something else (like the Mad Men prop auction) and add this stick to your wall instead.

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