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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation ended Tuesday night, and as much of a fan as I was of The Office, I’m far sadder to see Parks and Rec go. It started off a bit slow and the first season nearly lost me, but as soon as it moved beyond trying to be The Office: Government Edition, it became one of my favorite shows on television. Seriously, if you only ever made it partway through the first season, just get through it and I promise it will be worth it. It’s frankly a shame what was done to the show in its final season, cutting it to only 13 episodes and condensing those into just over a month.

Parks and Rec gave us Chris Pratt, Ron Swanson’s quotes and Tom Haverford’s style. Every once in awhile Tom would try a little too hard, but you’d be on the track if you emulated about 95% of his looks. His standard was a suit, usually paired with a tie but occasionally dressed down with a sweater or a patterned shirt.

I’d argue he’s a better style icon than Don Draper. Draper essentially has one look, suit, neutral tie, white shirt. He looks good but takes no risks. Tom does. Sometimes they crash and burn but most of the time they look great. Pretty good for a guy in the Midwest, a region that usually has costume directors scouring the bargain bins of Kohl’s.

Parks and Recreation Parks and Recreation Parks and Recreation Parks and Recreation Tom Haverford Red Carpet Insoles Parks and Recreation Parks and Recreation "I'M A COMPROMISER" TIE CLIP Tom Haverford Velvet NUP_159259_0198.JPG Parks and Recreation

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  1. Jordan Ho says:

    do you know where i could get a gold tie clip like his?

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