Style Inspiration: Coach Eric Taylor

Coach Eric Taylor

There’s nothing particularly exceptional about how Coach Taylor dresses.  Most days it’s a polo, khakis, worn-in baseball cap, athletic sunglasses and croakies.  Yet, it’s pretty similar to how I dress for most casual situations.  Compared to what NFL coaches wear, Coach Taylor’s uniform is the equivalent of a bespoke suit.  Plus, I’ve always loved how he’s the only person on TV wearing croakies.

The thing is he’s versatile.  When he needs to, he can wear a suit.  When he’s doing housework, it’s jeans and an old tee.  Coach Taylor serves as a baseline.  Mimic his outfit in a given situation and you’ll be appropriately dressed.  In reality, in today’s society a polo tucked into khakis or an oxford tucked into jeans is going to leave you better dressed than the majority of men.

Coach Taylor stands out as a man to emulate for another reason, as well.  He has the sort of values we should copy.  He’s not perfect.  He makes mistakes but he always learns from them.  He faces adversity and doesn’t back down.  He will do whatever he can to help his players succeed, not just on the field but in life as well.  At the end of the day he’s a great coach, a great friend, a great husband and a great father.

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