The Shop March On Tees

There have been no buzzer beaters. The lowest seed left is an 11 that, were it not for injuries, would have been a single digit seed. The only potential Cinderellas left are high majors. Despite all that March Madness has still been a blast. After a bit of a slow start we’ve been treated to some really good games. And there are still two Indiana schools left, plus four more from across the Midwest. There are still a few days left before the games start up again, which leaves us just enough time to gear up for the next round with the March On Tees from The Shop. Continue reading

19nine Hickory Huskers T-Shirt

2016 is a new beginning for me in more ways than one. I’m heading down to Indianapolis today for orientation for a new job. It’s going to be nice to be back in the city I call my second home, even if only for a few hours. But as some things are changing, others are staying the same. Like Midwest Mondays. No change necessary. Continue reading

How to Dress for: The La Salle-Saint Louis Game

La Salle Saint Louis Explorers Billikens College Basketball

Usually game of the week posts are reserved for rivalry games.  Other than playing in the same conference, Saint Louis and La Salle aren’t particularly fierce rivals.  In fact they’ve only been in the same conference since 2005 so there isn’t a lot of history to create bad blood.  Regardless, I can always make an exception.  Saint Louis has put together an impressive season, knocking off my Bulldogs twice.  Their defense is fierce and they should be serious candidates to be a dark horse Final Four contender. Continue reading

Style Inspiration: Basketball Coaches and the Colored Blazer

Bruce Pearl Orange

Basketball coaches have a rich history with the colored blazer.  These days it’s usually donned only for special occasions, like a game versus an in-state rival.  Perhaps the most famous example is Bruce Pearl, who donned his trademark bright orange blazer  versus Kentucky and Vanderbilt.  What you may not realize is that this was an homage to former Tennessee coach Ray Mears, who sported his own trademark orange blazer in the 60’s and 70’s.  The one problem I’ve found is that it is nearly impossible to find any colored blazers out there.  I literally spent hours last week trying to find an orange one for this post and came up empty, so if you know of a place to find one be sure to leave it in the comments (update: while researching when Bruce Weber wore his orange blazer I found the exact blazer in less than a minute. Not sure how I missed it before).  Now let’s take a look at the spectrum of coaches and the colored blazer. Continue reading

On Hoosier Hysteria

Basketball Hoop on Barn

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The squeak of sneakers on a hardwood floor, the soothing swish of the net, the clang of a missed shot on the rim, the repetitive thud of a dribbled ball, the roaring of crowds in a packed gym.  These are the sounds of growing up in Indiana.  For the past couple weeks, basketball has been center court in the sporting world, but in the Hoosier state, basketball is a 365 days a year obsession.  For us it is not just a game, it is a way of life.  Basketball in Indiana is like football in Texas.  We eat, sleep and breathe it, at all levels.  Continue reading