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Ledbury Irvington Plaid Shirt

Having a five-month-old in the house, particularly one that demands constant attention, makes it slightly difficult to get any photos taken. Toss in the early sunset and the fact I work most Saturdays and it can be downright impossible. This … Continue reading

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Ledbury Tillman Plaid Shirt

Ledbury literally needed to add one thing to make its Tillman Plaid Shirt the perfect fall/winter plaid buttondown. One simple thing. Add a “w” and make it the Twillman.

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Filson Wildwood Button Down

I’ve noticed lately that most of my plaid shirts are some riff on red, white and blue. Call it patriotism, call it timeless, call it perfect for all seasons. Whatever you want to call it, there’s not a lot of … Continue reading

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Buffalo Jackson Cottonwood L/S Shirt

All seasons are great for exploring. Even the cold of last winter produced amazing ice formations on the shores of Lake Michigan that I enjoyed scrambling over and working my way as close to the edge as possible. But summer … Continue reading

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Bonobos Blue Willow Plaid Summer Weight Shirt

Winter plaids are alright. I do love a nice flannel but for the most part they’re a bit muted, darker, smaller and not overly interesting. Summer plaids don’t suffer from any of these. They’re big and bold with plenty of … Continue reading

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Vineyard Vines Seawall Plaid Murray Shirt

The crash of shoulder pads resonates across the fields.  The smell of bonfire smoke begins to fill the air.  Fall is nearly here and that means it’s time to start reaching for plaids that are a bit more muted but … Continue reading

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General Knot & Co. Portland Plaid Diamond Point Bow Tie

The perfect plaid will work regardless of the season.  It’s bright enough to compete with all the other summer patterns but subdued enough to not look out of place in the winter.  It’s versatile enough that it will quickly become … Continue reading

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Lumina Classic Red Plaid Pocket Oxford

I always have a tough time finding shirts that fit right.  Anything that has arms long enough could pull double-duty on a sailboat.  Anything that fits right in the body requires me to always keep the sleeves rolled to compensate for the too … Continue reading

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General Knot & Co 1950’s Cowboy Plaid and Micro Dot Diamond Point Bow Tie

As more and more people take to wearing bow ties, they have lost some of their exclusivity.  Heck I’m pretty sure I saw at least ten people wearing the exact same bow tie at the Derby last year.  General Knot … Continue reading

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A Lady’s Perspective: Preps in Plaid

They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our…plaid?  Well okay, maybe it didn’t quite go like that but I can certainly tell you that when this lady thinks plaid she immediately hearkens back to a kilted Mel Gibson in Braveheart. … Continue reading

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