The Cordial Churchman Eric Bow Tie

Madras is a staple summer fabric, but in the right form it can transition to other seasons as well. For instance the lightweight nature of the fabric, which would make no sense to wear as a shirt in the winter, is not a detriment when transformed into a bow tie. Sure by the depths of winter you’ll likely want a little more heft and texture to match the wool you’ll be sporting, but even as temperatures begin to cool in the fall, the madras bow tie is still a great choice. 

Pastels aren’t going to do for a fall madras bow tie, though. That’s what makes the Eric Bow Tie from The Cordial Churchman a smart choice. Its palette of green, salmon and navy plaid doesn’t stray too far from the colors of fall. Each is a bit faded, like leaves that fell off the tree yesterday. It’s still bright and colorful enough for summer wear but it really finds its place in the fall. There may only be two more weeks of official madras season but this bow tie will extend it far beyond.

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