The Cordial Churchman Jonah Bow Tie

The Cordial Churchman Jonah Madras Bow Tie

That flurry of clicks you hear? It’s people everywhere searching the internet for a madras bow tie before the end of summer. We have a month left until madras season unofficially ends and that means if you’re going to add a new one to your collection and plan to wear it this year you had better hurry. Want to save a little time in searching for the right one? Head over to The Cordial Churchman and place the Jonah in your cart.

The Jonah takes a very traditional madras combination of red, white and blue and livens it up a bit. Lime and turquoise join the party, adding subtle touches that differentiate this bow from the rest. Keep it simple with a classic butterfly or go all out with the club round. If neither of those options sounds appealing, there are still five other styles to choose from. Don’t worry about mothballing this bow tie at the end of summer either. The color palette works year round and while lightweight madras pants make no sense in cooler weather, a madras bow tie tends to get a pass on the rules. Or you can always just tell the rules to screw themselves.

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