The Cordial Churchman Sharks and Beach Balls! Bow Tie

The Cordial Churchman Sharks and Beach Balls Bow Tie

As I head to the lake house this today I’m reminded that this week has traditionally been the start of Shark Week. For some reason it took place a month early this year and, honestly, it’s more or less jumped the shark, pun intended, by now. I’m more than happy to fill the shark void with the latest installment of Sharknado and the new Sharks and Beach Balls! Bow Tie from The Cordial Churchman.

The bow tie starts with a navy blue base of silk woven in the United Kingdom. Then that silk is enhanced with great whites and beach balls, making this the ultimate beach bow tie. The bow tie comes in your choice of a variety of different shapes, although there’s no dorsal fin shape available. Make this one yours, because unlike Shark Week, bow ties still haven’t jumped the shark.

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