The Field Guide: Give Tired Misconceptions the Boot

The Field Guide is a weekly feature highlighting some of the best reads and news across the internet.  Stop by every Wednesday for a round up of what’s relevant that week.

In the Trenches: Gear Patrol visits Oak Street Bootmakers’ western-New York trench boot factory.

Same Conversation, New Generation: Fast Company says what needs to be said about millenials in the workplace. It’s about time.

The Protagonist: I’ve really been enjoying Hugh & Crye’s new podcast, even more so now that I know founder Pranav Vora grew up 30 minutes from my hometown. Each weekly episode is a great look at entrepreneurs and innovators.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Streaker Sports has acquired upstate New York sports brand Jack’s Heritage to create a New York-based heritage sports superpower.

The Jam: 

Because you’re sick of hearing “Centuries”. Also, I just watched Kill Bill and this sounds like it could have come straight off the soundtrack.

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