The Shop March On Tees

There have been no buzzer beaters. The lowest seed left is an 11 that, were it not for injuries, would have been a single digit seed. The only potential Cinderellas left are high majors. Despite all that March Madness has still been a blast. After a bit of a slow start we’ve been treated to some really good games. And there are still two Indiana schools left, plus four more from across the Midwest. There are still a few days left before the games start up again, which leaves us just enough time to gear up for the next round with the March On Tees from The Shop.

The Shop is the spot for college apparel in Indiana. Located in Indianapolis, their official licensing deals with many of the state’s schools allows them to create t-shirts only intimate fans would dream up. Nike probably won’t ever make an R-U A Bulldog t-shirt. Which is why it’s so strange that the March On Tees created for Butler and Purdue look so much like they could have been made by the giants. And that’s a compliment of the professional level of design so often lacking in shirts from the little guys.

Still the March On Tees add the little touches the big guys wouldn’t think of. There’s the fight song lightly placed behind the main graphics. The lack of a tag. The ultra soft tri-blend fabric. For Butler fans the t-shirt is still in stock online. Purdue fans are out of luck with the March On as it’s already sold out, but there are plenty of other tees to pick from. Now get some rest, drink your fluids and get ready to start cheering again in a few days.

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