Three Floyds Floy Division I

Holy shit! Those were the first words out of my mouth when I smelled Floy Division I for the first time. And the exclamations just kept coming when I got a taste of it. 

Floy Division I is the first in a series of single-hopped IPAs from Three Floyds. Each IPA makes use of an experimental hop. In this case it’s ADHA-529, a hop known for an interesting aroma combo of coconut, lemon, tea and mint. With the exception of lemon, those are not typical hop aroma descriptors.

It was those unique descriptors that intrigued me to try Floy Division I. I had never seen several of the descriptors used for hops and rarely had seen the combination of several of the descriptors from one hop. Citrus and pine are common but typically achieved by multiple hops.

That first whiff revealed a bundle of tropical fruits and a distinct note of coconut. That coconut note was my first sign that things were about to go off the rails. A sip revealed more surprises. The coconut came through strongly at first with a touch of tropical fruit and citrus. From there a bright mint note came forth. The beer then finished with a drying pine bitterness.

I don’t know if 529 will ever reach the popularity levels of Mosaic but it will certainly create interesting beers for some time. Hopefully Floy Division I won’t be a one hit wonder either.

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