Tipsy Skipper Clutches

Tipsy Skipper Clutch

Summer is the time of year to break out the bright colors and slim down profiles.  While you might think it’s necessary to bring everything but the kitchen sink with you when you leave home, you’ll likely figure out you can get away with much less. While I don’t know much about purses, I do know you can accomplish both of the aforementioned summer tasks with a Clutch from Tipsy Skipper ($70).

Started by a Rhode Island School of Design graduate and descendant of Captain Morgan, Rhode Island-based Tipsy Skipper offers a variety of clutches, dog collars, tote bags, flip-flops, ballet flats and key fobs.  The clutches come in 10 different patterns and each is made with a linen/cotton blend and a coordinating silk lining.  Whether you’re on the lake or enjoying drinks at the bar, these clutches will be the perfect accessory.

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