Tucker Blair Orange Tile Needlepoint Belt

Tucker Blair Orange Tile Needlepoint Belt Women's

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post strictly aimed at the ladies. You’ve probably been feeling a bit left out. That’s probably also how you feel when it comes to needlepoint belts. Brands have sprung up focusing on needlepoint belts, based on inspiration from gifted belts made by mothers and girlfriends, yet there’s been little to no focus on actually creating belts for women. Thanks to Tucker Blair, that’s no longer the case. The brand just launched four new styles of women’s belts, including the Orange Tile.

The women’s needlepoint belts have all the same great features of the men’s belts, just in a slightly smaller package. Pima cotton is handstitched onto full grain leather and finished with a brass buckle. Tucker Blair has kept the patterns fairly simple for this initial collection, choosing to focus on patterns rather than whimsical pictures. In this case it’s an orange tiled pattern that makes a great gameday accessory or a pop of color in any outfit. Here’s to hoping there’s more to come for the ladies.

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