Vineyard Vines Chicago Cubs Jersey 1/4 Zip

In three days the Chicago Cubs will open a season as defending champions for the first time in over a century. It almost feels like it was just last week that I was gathered in the living room with my wife and father-in-law agonizing through that epic rain delay. Now there is no curse to break, but rather a dynasty to attempt to build. While no season could ever top last year, I’m certainly looking forward to this year’s.

And I’m certainly looking forward to more gear joining the pro team section of the Vineyard Vines site. Slowly bits and pieces have been silently slipping into the section, and now several MLB teams have polos and quarter zips. These are vast upgrades from the majority of team gear and I’m pretty set on grabbing the Chicago Cubs Jersey 1/4 Zip to wear to Milwaukee next weekend for Saturday’s game against the Brewers.

The cotton quarter zip will be perfect for combating the bit of chill outside the stadium and the several brewery pit stops sure to take place before. The logo is small and unobtrusive, making it as professional as anything with a logo can be. The Vineyard Vines logo is even tucked away on the back of the neck, leaving the design clean and team-focused. And it looks like it was released right around the time the Cubs won the World Series, so it might even be a little lucky. Not that there’s a curse to use the luck against anymore.

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