Vineyard Vines x Stubbs & Wootton Needlepoint Stars & Stripes Slippers


We’re in a hole. It’s not a deep hole, but it’s one we’d rather not be in. It could get deeper tonight but hopefully we’ll level it out instead. Dos a cero became dos a uno Friday night and not in the good way. And we’ve never won at Costa Rica during World Cup Qualifying. So things are not looking exceptionally great for the US men. Let’s change that and get a groundswell of patriotism roaring today, starting with these badass Needlepoint Stars & Stripes Slippers from Vineyard Vines x Stubbs & Wootton.

These slippers start with a leather base and then transform into a piece of uber-patriotic footwear with a cotton stars and stripes needlepoint pattern stitched on the outside. Each slipper is then finished with accent colored leather trim and the Vineyard Vines whale embroidered on the heel. Despite the lack of cleats, there’s a good chance we’d win 5-0 tonight if the men wore these on the field. Imagine what we will do with cleats.

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