WarPigs Lazurite

Copenhagen is a city at the top of my list for visiting. It’s a town known for excellent food and, more recently, excellent beer. Those are always two strong considerations when I make plans to visit somewhere. But with a two-year-old and a three-month-old at home, it doesn’t appear that I’ll be making my way across the Atlantic anytime soon. Instead I’ll just bring a taste of Copenhagen to the Midwest.

In 2015 Indiana’s Three Floyds joined forces with Danish gypsy brewer Mikkel Borg Bjergso of Mikkeller to open WarPigs in Copenhagen. The brewpub focuses on bringing American style beers and Texas barbecue to the Danish city, a combination I could get behind any day of the week. After two years of acclaim, the concept is finally returning home with a trio of beers being distributed throughout several Midwestern states.

Each beer, previously available in Copenhagen, has started to sprout up on draft lines in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. Due to maxed out capacity at Three Floyds, the beers are being brewed at Great Central Brewing Co. in Illinois and Wisconsin Brewing Co. but production is being overseen by Three Floyds. Lazurite is the first to be released in cans, which is how I found myself sipping a taste of Denmark by way of the Midwest last week.

Lazurite’s American roots are evident from the first whiff. Bright aromas of grapefruit and citrus leap from the liquid. The taste, while bright and juicy, displays a Midwestern sensibility to be expected from the involvement of Three Floyds. It’s not completely dominated by the hops, as malt plays an integral role in creating balance. There may not be as much malt as the flagship Midwestern IPAs but it’s certainly not a West Coast IPA either.

And bonus points have to be given for the can design, which has the subtle distinction of blacking out the top instead of leaving it silver. It’s enough to throw you off at first before you realize the subtle difference. This first foray certainly builds excitement for the next two cans to come later this year and does nothing to lower my desire to make it to Copenhagen.

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