William Rogue and Co.

William Rogue and Co

Lately there’s been a resurgence in Made in USA products.  People are beginning to care where their products are made and want to support jobs in America.  This is a trend I can completely get behind, although I hate calling it a trend because that implies that it will end.  With this resurgence a crop of retailers have emerged that sell only products made in the USA.  There’s even one right here in the Midwest, Minneapolis-based William Rogue and Co.

The online retailer seeks to regain heritage, with a goal to become the most comprehensive online collection of products Made in USA.  The store carries everything from clothing to grooming products to sporting goods to home decor.  There are even some cool slingshots that will take you back to your younger days.  Products come from all over the USA but if you’re looking for Midwest-specific companies, they carry Minnesota’s Duluth PackGreat Lakes Collection and Sanborn Canoe Co. and Chicago’s UnderFit,  And they may not be from the Midwest, but the pocket squares from New York to Nashville are top notch.  Support American jobs today and browse the full selection on the web site.  You’re likely to start seeing more and more familiar names in the near future.

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