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Need a classic menswear blog that seamlessly blends prep style with hints of the explorer and homages to yesteryear?  Look no further than Alex Grant.  Read on to get to know a little bit more about author Branden “Skip” Brooks and his blog.

GLP:  Why did you start a blog?

AG: I started the blog in 2009 because I needed a creative outlet from my legal job but I actually started blogging in 2003. The second blog that I created was called Brooksworld, which was basically a precursor to Alex Grant. It was just a collection of my favorite things, like the search for the perfect fitted hat or my favorite places to eat in Boston. It’s since been deleted. lol.

GLP:  Where are you from?

AG:  I’m from Wilmington Delaware. I lived in Boston for 6 years before moving back to Delaware.

GLP:  What do you do outside of your blog?

AG:  I worked as a prosecutor and a photographer until I landed my dream job as a copywriter/editor for Todd Snyder.

GLP:  How would you describe your style?

AG:  It’s constantly evolving but it always has a preppy/ivy league element to it. My collar will always be popped. This winter I’m into tweed, Danner boots, and selvage denim.

GLP:  Who are your style icons?

AG:  Andy Spade hands down. He’s always wearing Clarks, denim and oxford cotton button downs. Perfect.

GLP:  What advice would you give anyone looking to start a blog?

AG:  A few years ago, I got some great advice from my friend Joe Gannon over lunch. He basically said, “Blog what you love and be unique.” So from that day on, I decided to choose quality over quantity. It only takes one great post to be noticed but quality will keep them coming back. Also, don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. I think one the biggest moments in my blogging experience was traveling to New York for Market Week. I met a lot of bloggers and brand reps that really made a difference in the trajectory of the blog. It also solidified my love for style/fashion as something I would love to do full time.

GLP:  Bow tie or neck tie?

AG:  As a guy who have a bow tie named after him, I should say bow tie but lately it’s been neck ties.

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