You Ought to Be Reading: Unabashedly Prep

Unabashedly Prep
If you pay attention to any prep blogs than you have assuredly heard of Unabashedly Prep.  F.E. Castleberry’s blog is one of the most well-known blogs out there and perfectly captures everyday people showcasing prep style.  The blog is a daily read and it’s safe to say I’ve borrowed elements from quite a few looks he’s presented.  Read on to find out more about Mr. Castleberry.
Great Lakes Prep:  Why did you start a blog?
Unabashedly Prep:  Unabashedly Prep was born out of an overly ambitious harebrained idea that I would eventually design for (or in collaboration with) a menswear label. That, and I wanted something to get me to my desk at 9am every morning.


GLP:  Where are you from?
UP:  I’m from a small town outside Fort Worth, TX. Weatherford to be exact. Currently, I live and work in New York.


GLP:  What do you do outside of your blog?
UP:  Currently I call New York City home, wrestle my two sons, and sink money into an ‘87 Bimmer. You can read a little more here.


GLP:  How would you describe your style?
UP:  A southern boy in the Ivy League circa 1960s who later studied abroad in Italy for a couple of semesters.


GLP:  Who are your style icons?
UP:  I’ve actually created an inspiration board for an occasion such as this.


GLP:  What advice would you give anyone looking to start a blog?
UP:  Blog about what turns you on.


GLP:  Bow tie or neck tie?
UP:  Right now, neck tie.
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3 Responses to You Ought to Be Reading: Unabashedly Prep

  1. Thomas says:

    No, definitely not.

  2. Egan says:

    Interviewing an extreme poser like Mr. Castleberry does nothing for the credibiliy of your own blog. His blog is a shrine for everything that’s wrong with classic style today….anyone who actually grew up “preppy”, with a naturally developed classic style, can spot this from miles away.

    • Care to elaborate on this statement? If you read the interview you will see that Mr. Castleberry describes his style as a blend of the south and the Ivy League with Italian influences thrown in. In your opinion this blend may be “wrong” but to each his own. If we all wore the exact same thing, well where would the fun be in that?

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